Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to Krazy Couponing with Trish

Hi there! I’m Trish and I’m a “krazy” couponer.
Years ago, when I first started in my career, money was tight and I learned the power of double coupons. I would sit in the lunchroom and review all ads and pair them up with coupons. Every once in awhile, I would purchase two papers, but for the most part, I was a small time beginning couponer. Still, I experienced the multiple bottles of BBQ sauce for free. I experienced a cart full of groceries for $20. Then the day came when the West Coast stores stopped doubling coupons and I started buying generics. Mistake!
Fast forward 10 years and TLC premieres Extreme Couponing. I caught part of an episode, then another and next thing I knew, I was TiVo’g the entire season. That coupon bug had started to resurface. I began researching the show and found some great websites and blogs, including Facebook fan pages. I started watching YouTube videos. (I say “started” but it was about a 24 hour period).
Next thing you know, I bought a 3 ring binder. I downloaded divider pages. I purchased protective sheets and baseball card holders. I bought two papers that first weekend, 4 the next. I printed a TON of internet coupons.
Admittedly, the first couple of weeks weren’t as big of savings as I was building my coupon database, but then I was at Pavilions and I found Philadelphia Cooking Crème on mark down for .99. I had (2) $1 off coupons and bought them for free. I was hooked.
Next, I started researching saving at the drug stores, like CVS and Rite Aid. I discovered the power of multiple transactions and rolling over your rewards. Um…totally hooked!
I am now officially 6 weeks in and as many of you have seen, I’ve got a pretty darn good stockpile. I’ve completely decided that brand names are way cheaper than generics IF you plan.
My plan is to show you all how to do this without breaking the bank and investing too much time beyond clipping. I’ll bring you the best deals I find, the drug store shopping scenarios I create and search the blogs for great ideas.
Whether your plan is to just start saving money on groceries or you desire to be a Krazy Couponer like me, this page is where to start!