Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conversation with an admitted coupon frauder...

Had an interesting conversation with an admitted coupon frauder while shopping this afternoon.  This person is one of those "product" tester/coupon passer outer ladies (I'm certain that's a technical term!  LOL)  She walked up to me when she saw my binder and handed me a few $.50 off any Dannon coupons.   I was stoked because it said "any". LOVE THOSE!  She proceeds to tell me that "you know you can use one for multiple transactions if you go to the self checkout line at Vons".  I said "excuse me?". She then hands me, no joke, like 30 more and says "oh yeah.  You just have to complete your transaction each time, but you don't put the coupon in at the end of your transaction and just keep using it. My daughters and I do like 10 of them at a time."  My jaw must have fell open because she says "well, it's no big deal if they don't know, right?".  I said as calmly as I could.."actually it is a big deal, it's coupon fraud...  the store only gets reimbursed for one and you used it 10 times.  Thank you for the coupons, but please don't encourage others to do that.  It's stealing."  She blankly stared at me and then said again,"well, no one has ever said anything."

On a good note, I have over 30 $.50/1 Dannon coupons and they're good for ANY and good for a  year.  Hopefully, she "gets it" and stops doing what she was doing, but that's just scary!  Here's a representative of Dannon encouraging people to STEAL from Dannon and then teaching her kids how to do it.

It's truly getting more and more challenging for us ethical couponers when we have people like this out there!

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