Saturday, September 3, 2011

Extreme Couponing vs Reality-TLC's Extreme Couponing

What is Extreme Couponing?  Is it reality or just a "reality show"?

Has everyone been watching the Extreme Couponing marathon on TLC today?  If it sparked an interest in you to begin couponing, that's fantastic, but realize it IS a television show.  I started couponing because of the show.  I started following blogs of the individuals that were showcased. Some I still follow and some I don't because after I became educated on how to coupon ethically, I realized, some of those folks weren't ethical at all.

One things to note:  all of the individuals on the show will tell you that their shopping trip was not a normal one.  It's called "extreme" for a reason. They have weeks of planning time, meetings with the store ahead of time, and plenty of time to acquire the coupons needed to pull off the haul. They will all admit that their shopping trip was not their usual.

Don't get me wrong.  They all save big money when they shop.  The majority do it ethically, but it is a show with editing.  Need I say more?   In the words of Money Saving Amanda "learning to coupon by watching a television show is like learning to cut hair by watching Edward Scissorhands".

Don't be disappointed or discouraged if you only save 50% on your shopping trips. That's probably better than what you'd done before couponing.  As you grow your coupon inventory, your deals will get better, you'll spot clearance items and have the right coupon and develop a stockpile that allows for you to not grocery shop if you don't want to.  I had eye surgery this week and was grateful for my stockpile.  I didn't have to go grocery shopping-I had it all right at home AND I've only been couponing for 3 months!

My average grocery shopping trips are between 55-70% savings, with the majority being in the 55-60% range.  Now, my drug store shopping trips are usually 70-95% savings.  You can save money by couponing but you need to learn how to do it the right way.  Read up on blogs.  Learn who is doing their trips the ethical way and not pushing a deal by fraudulently using a coupon  because the register didn't beep.  (Many of you know which Extreme Couponer I'm talking about!! J.K.-and that doesn't stand for just kidding).

Learn how to coupon the right way, the ethical way, and you'll be well on your way to big savings!  I'm a firm believer in doing things the right way. Your coupons state that you must use them for the product in which they were intended and any other usage is FRAUD.  Which means it's illegal!!  Accidents happen-just like "accidentally" going thru a red light or not stopping at a stop sign. Sometimes it can "just happen" but to blow thru it on purpose or to purposely use a coupon incorrectly is illegal.  Plain and Simple!

Sorry for my rant but the more I learn about couponing the more upset I get about the frauds out there.

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