Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two more shopping trips-Pavilions and Walgreens-still less than $25 spent OOP for $200 worth of groceries and H&B products!!!

My plan today is to see how little I can get away with spending today by keeping to only groceries needed for the week and a few additional stockpile items.

Early this morning, I went to CVS and spent $1.34 OOP.  If you want to see that scenario, click here.

I didn't really "need" anything at Walgreens, but I had $5 in RRs that expired today and I needed to use them or lose them. 

I wasn't paying attention to my deodorant purchases and bought the wrong deodorant for the Catalina deal (that's what I get for allowing my daughter to "distract" me with "I want this and I want that" LOL), but I still got a whopping $1 Catalina.

(2) Right Guard Body Washes B1G1 free $4.49
(2) Right Guard Sport deodorant B1G1 free $3.49
Popcorn clearance $1.29
(4) Tuf paper towels 4/$2
Used (2) $3/2 Right Guard deodorant or body wash printable (NLA) and $5 in RR's.

OOP= $.27 + tax, received $1 RR

Total daily OOP = $1.61

My next trip was Pavilions, which is a Safeway store.  Here in Southern Calif, we have so many restrictions but we do what we can .  Store policy is that they will only double (1) like coupon up to $.50 and round up a coupon $.51-$.99 to one dollar.  In addition, my local store's policy is that they will only allow (2) like coupons PERIOD!  UGH...I haven't actually done too much with more than (2) like coupons until today and heard the "our policy is...but we'll allow it this time"...guess, I'll need to do multiple transactions next time.

This was  a 77% savings trip with a combination of double coupons, store coupons, just4u prices and a $10 Catalina from last week and a free milk Catalina.

Total OOP was $22.17 and I received $5 Frozen Food Catalina and a $2 Catalina from Coffeemate
Net spend was $15.17!!

Since many of the items used just4u ecoupons and prices, that not everyone will have (that's why they're "just4u"), I've only listed the items purchased.

Lucky Charms
Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks
(4) Hormel Chili with Beans
Lipton Soup Mix
(3) Kens Salad Dressing-Ranch (we go thru a ton in this house!)
(2) Capri Suns
(2) Crave Cat treats
Lucerne milk gallon
Lucerne Chocolate Ice Cream
Mama Bella Garlic Bread (2pk)
Eggo Waffles
Eggo Chocolate Chip Muffin Tops
(3) 16oz Coffee Mate Creamers
Dial Liquid Soap
(2) Tyson Cooked Chicken Breast Strips
(2) Farmer John Maple Sausage
Hostess Twinkies
(3) Kleenex boxes
Ore-Ida French Fries
Safeway Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins

That's 33 items for $22 or $.67 each!! Much better than a trip to the dollar store :-)

Daily OOP $23.78!! 

I still have $4 in ECBs from CVS, $7 in Catalinas from Pavilions and $1 in RRs from Walgreens. 

That brings my Net Spend down to a whopping  $11.38 for almost $200 worth of groceries and health an beauty products!!!


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  2. when you were at walgreens and got the rightguard it should have printed at $4 RR