Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alert!!! Vons/Pavilions Southern California Coupon Policy change!!!

I'm not sure if this policy is everywhere and with all Safeway stores, but I was informed by my local Pavilions' manager that a memo went out to all local stores that the new coupon policy states they can only accept two (2) like coupons in a single transaction.  They allowed me to use my multiple $1/1 Capri Sun coupons this time, but let me know that next time, it won't fly.  So...that means, I have to do multiple transactions and not reach the spending limits for things like $10 Summer Savings or just lump it and only buy 2 of any item. Check with your local Safeway store and make sure you know your own store's policy.

Remember:  Coupon policies change OFTEN.  You want to make sure you stay on top of what your stores are doing so you can avoid any surprises.

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