Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Store Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons-Can I use both?

Today I had a few questions about using coupons in different combinations and I thought this would be a great  topic of the day and allow us a chance to really deep dive into this.

First a couple of definitions: A store coupon is one that your store provides either online, in their weekly ad, on your receipt or as a Catalina.  It will usually say "store coupon" or "Target coupon", etc.  A manufacturer coupon is one that the actual manufacturers of your favorite products distribute in the Sunday inserts, online, as peelies (coupons you find on the product at the store that you can "peel" off and use) or blinkies (SmartSource machines that are located near products you are buying) and it will say "manufacturer's coupon" at the top.

Please note: these questions/answers are general answers and you should ALWAYS refer to your specific store's coupon policy to confirm.

Can I pair a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon?
YES! The only store coupons that you can not combine are from stores that do not accept manufacturer's coupons to begin with, i.e. 99cents store, Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet, etc.

Notice the picture below shows it is a manufacturer's coupon EVEN though the Target logo is on it.  You could pair this with an actual Target coupon.

If I have a B1G1 free manufacturer's coupon, can I combine it with another manufacturer's coupon?
YES!  You can use a cents off manufacturer's coupon to reduce the cost of the buy 1 and still get the other one free!

If my store is having a B1G1 free ad or store coupon, what manufacturer's coupons can I use?
First and foremost, the majority of stores will allow you to use a coupon for BOTH the buy one and the get one.  This is HUGE!  Example we see often lately: B1G1 free vitamins $6.99.  Use (2) $1/1 coupons and reduce the cost to $4.99/2.  Some stores will allow you to use a B1G1 free manufacturer's coupon in conjunction with the store sale/coupon to get both items free, but you will need to check with your store's policy.

What if I have a manufacturer's coupon that gives me $ off a particular item when I buy another item?  Can I use a 2nd manufacturer's coupon for the other item?
Depends on the actual wording of the coupon.  For example, if the coupon reads: "$1 off when you buy Oreo Cookies and Milk" the answer is no. If the coupon reads "$1 off Milk when you buy Oreo Cookies", then the answer is yes.  You could use a 2nd coupon for the Oreo Cookies. 

I hope this helps you all out.  I, too, have had questions about the exact same things and really had to deep dive into many of the coupon policies to ensure that I read them correctly and have these answers for you. 

Stacking a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon will ultimately save you the most money.  Remember, you don't have to use a coupon right when you get it, find it or locate it.  Put it in your binder until the right sale or store coupon comes along and really save!!!

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