Friday, August 19, 2011

Mail call!!!

Had a really great mail week! 

Yesterday, FedEx delivered by barcode scanner for NCP.  I did my first "scan" this evening.  Really cool!!!  I'm looking forward to a big grocery store day tomorrow and being able to scan those deals.

Today, I received TWO Free Pantene Products postcards.  Not sure how I got the extras, but I'll TAKE 'em!  LOL That makes 4!  Looking forward to a FREE trip.  I've got (4) Pantene Free coupons, (1) Suave Styler coupon and (1) Nature Valley Granola Thins coupon.  Should be fun!  I'm trying to see how many "free" coupons I can muster up before mid-Sept.

I also received (20) $1/1 Capri Sun coupons.  (20) $1/2 Pepsi 2 liters, (5) Smart Source Inserts from last weekend include $.75/1 Cottenelle (can we say $3.25 12pk Cottenelle Toilet Paper at Walgreens!?!) and save $3 off of 5 Powerades. Feeling kind of excited to shop this weekend!

Have a wonderful Friday night!  Be safe and DO NOT drink and drive!!!

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