Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking to get started Couponing?

If you’re looking to get started, all you have to do is start clipping!  You can find coupons EVERYWHERE!

·      Sunday papers (I pick up 4 copies of the LA Times.  I’ve found that the OC Register doesn’t always carry all the inserts). Please take the time to check your papers before you purchase to make sure the inserts aren’t “missing”.  Happens more than you know.

·      All You Magazine You can buy this magazine at Walmart and it includes tons of coupons usually around $100 worth. 

·      Internet Multiple websites provide coupons and some of my favorites are,, and

    You can also find coupons on your favorite brand’s sites and facebook pages or right here at Krazy Couponing with Trish!
Your Mailbox Register for free samples and your favorite brands will send you coupons!  It’s that easy.

Next, you need to decide on an organization method.  Whether you decide on a purchased coupon organizer, coupon box or binder method (my personal fave) it’s completely up to you.  You just need to decide on what makes sense for the level for Krazy couponing you wish to do.  Most of you will be fine with just a standard coupon organizer.  If you are interested in creating a binder, here are the needed items.

1.       A 3 ring binder-preferably one that zips up and has pockets inside to keep store ads and a small set of scissors.
2.     A package of protective sleeve covers-you can get these at Walmart for about $3 (these will hold your dividing pages)
3.     A package of baseball card organizer pages.  These can be found at both Target and Walmart near the baseball cards, yu-gi-oh cards, etc. and are about $5. These will hold your individual coupons.
4.     Go to Krazy Coupon Lady and download their binder organizing pages.  They’re really cute and my personal choice.
Remember!  You must take your coupons with you on every trip and you MUST clip coupons that you don’t think you will ever use.  Some of the “I won’t ever use that product” coupons turn out to be drug store money makers.  

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